R3 is the nation’s leader in regenerative therapies with over 16,000 regenerative procedures performed worldwide. In addition, R3 is the nation’s only company to have achieved IRB Approval for its treatment protocols in seven different condition categories. Who better to receive training from than the experts?


The R3 training started as more providers realized that regenerative therapies were helping patients get back to desired activities while often avoiding the need for potentially risky surgeries. Regenerative therapies combine safe procedures with outcomes that have not only been exciting, but typically long lasting.


Providers from all over the world would call us asking, “What’s the best protocols to use? What’s the best types of biologics? How can I get more patients?”


R3 listened, and decided to create a hands on experience with R3 Medical Training  designed to help providers attain the expertise necessary to become the local leader in regenerative therapies. Our goal has been to provide the necessary education that will be immediately useful in practice. Not fluffy theoretical mumbo jumbo!


FYI – not only are the course options great for providers such as DO, MD, ND, NP, PA and RN’s, but also provide excellent education for practice administrators and owners such as DC’s.


Stem Cell Training


R3 Medical Training’s Provider Courses offer several options so you can receive the education most convenient and useful for your needs.


R3 has implemented significant COVID Precautions for your safety. See the specifics HERE.


Both the Comprehensive and Regenerative Aesthetics Courses offer the option of bringing an Admin for 50% Off! 

To sign up, visit the Registration Page

    1. In Person and Training Courses
      1. Currently, R3 Medical Training offers In Person Training Courses that are either Comprehensive Stem Cell, Regenerative Aesthetics, PDO Thread Lifting Certification and Ultrasound Training.
      2. The Courses are offered monthly at several locations. All of the courses provide a Hands On experience (except the Virtual selection) where providers not only learn about procedures, but also do them and have one! How great is it to be able to tell your prospective patients that you’ve had a procedure and what it did for you?
      3. The R3 Trainers are experts in the latest technology and love teaching those techniques. The philosophy is “Let me show you one, now YOU DO ONE!”
      4. Networking is highly encouraged at the Courses, with plenty of time for getting to know the trainers and other attendees in an informal setting.
      5. All attendees receive a virtual binder with the presentations and the Best Practice Protocols. We now have an APP to use.
      6. All attendees receive a Certificate of Completion, which is great for framing and also can be very helpful for malpractice coverage.




    1. Online Training Courses
      1. The online courses are available 24/7. Providers can take the courses at their convenience, with the Lessons being the same ones offered at the In Person Course.
      2. The Online Course has several options available. One is registration for one month of comprehensive course access. The second is registration that includes one year of comprehensive course access, since there is a lot of content and we add to it frequently. This option allows providers to continuously review the updated material.
      3. Additional course options include Regenerative Aesthetics, which includes presentations and procedures for hair restoration, facial rejuvenation and sexual wellness. And now there is a smaller course available for Exosome Training, which includes presentations specifically so providers can understand what they are, what they can do, and how to use them!
      4. For either comprehensive or aesthetics option, providers are able to receive a Completion Certificate. This looks great in the office and may be very helpful for a Medical Director or to satisfy Malpractice Coverage.




    1. On Site Training Course
      1. We understand there may be any number of reasons that practices want On Site Training – convenience, several providers need training, desire for one on one support, etc.
      2. We got you covered! The R3 On Site Training Course comes to you with an expert trainer along with a sales trainer to work with your staff on role playing, scripting and patient conversions.
      3. Along with the On Site Training, the practice will also receive access to the Online Course.
      4. All attendees receive access to the virtual binder with the presentations and the Best Practice Protocols.
      5. All providers receive a Certificate of Completion, which is not only suitable for framing, but can be very helpful for malpractice coverage.


Questions before registering? You can live chat with us 24/7 or contact us here: