PRP Training for Joint Injections, Hair Restoration, Facial Rejuvenation and Sexual Health

R3 Medical Training offers hands on courses for all types of healthcare providers interested in learning about PRP treatments (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy). This includes all types of joint injections, hair loss procedures, sexual health and PRP facelift procedures.


In addition to learning how the procedures are performed, attendees to the courses also learn the whole process of PRP. This includes understanding all of the components of a PRP kit, the blood draw, and how to handle the tubes. Attendees to the courses are taught how to use the first rate centrifuges along with understanding the difference between single spin versus double spin PRP. Providers are taught when to use one versus the other, and also the difference between Platelet Rich Plasma versus Platelet Poor Plasma.


Various procedures involve using one versus the other, such as with PRP hair restoration. In addition, PRP treatments are often best performed in conjunction with regenerative biologics such as stem cells or exosomes. These offer an amazing augmentation to PRP therapy, especially in older individuals whose blood quality is not the greatest.


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has three predominant components. The first is platelets, which are very helpful throughout the healing process. Second are about a dozen growth factors, which facilitate repair and reconstruction through messaging known as chemotaxis. The third major component is white blood cells, which spark inflammation and healing. PRP is not a stem cell therapy, and should not be portrayed as such.


The biology of PRP therapy is also taught at the PRP training courses for doctors, as it is critical to have a good understanding of the science, process and procedure techniques. PRP injection techniques involve working on real patients who have real ailments, which is the BEST way by far to gain the skill set desired.

The PRP training courses are offered monthly in major metro locations. To find one that is convenient for you, simply call R3 Medical Training at (888) 998-6343 today!

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